Purpose-Built for Thriving Organizations

The shifting landscape of work demands visionary ideas for future-ready leaders.

Old School +  New School = Unique Experience

We combine old school wisdom traditions with new school science-based solutions to deliver transformational experiences.

Ikigai Optimization for Work & Life

Purpose-driven instructional design guides the creation of an ikigai roadmap that serves as an important bridge to organizational purpose. The Ikigai Lab ecosystem enhances a culture of employee well-being and work-life harmony for a sustainable path toward improved business outcomes.

CliftonStrengths™ by Gallup

CliftonStrengthsis rooted in the strengths-based philosophy that focuses on what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong with them. This approach emphasizes developing and deploying natural, innate talents to achieve personal and professional success.  Strengths-based organizations experience increased profit, increased engagement, and increased retention. 

Human-centered EQ

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, encompasses the ability to recognize, understand, manage, and influence emotions at both an individual and collective level. Prioritizing the development and application of EQ creates a thriving work environment with healthy workplace relationships committed to achieving goals.

The Power of Seikatsu

A powerful combination of Systems Thinking and a Seikatsu Action Plan fosters a sense of agency and control leading to increased employee engagement and reduced turnover. Understanding how individual parts interact within the whole, while emphasizing steady, measurable improvement, leads toward greater collaboration and sustainable growth.

whole person growth is the #1 Reason why Leadership Development Programs succeed (HBR, 2023)

Cohort-driven series unlocks leadership potential with a focus on four crucial elements:

  • Values Discovery
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Six Life Dimensions

The optimization of these leadership tenets delivers a purpose-driven framework that supports personal and professional growth. Cohort-focused engagements build trust and stronger lines of communication by fostering collaboration and connection. 1:1 coaching provides personalization to unpack, process, and refine key concepts. Cohort size:  5 minimum/12 maximum

  • One-day Kickoff Meeting (can be combined with retreat option).
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions for each participant.
  • Four virtual cohort meetings.

Establish the critical link between employee purpose and organizational purpose

Half-day and Full-day workshops integrate key principles of Ikigai fostering a purpose-driven culture that excels in communication, collaboration, and innovation driving toward sustainable growth.

Ikigai Workshops deliver a personalized ikigai roadmap for each participant, including Values Discovery, CliftonStrengths Assessment, and Life Dimensions Design.

Full-day workshop includes the design of a Team Ikigai, a tangible representation of the team’s unique strengths and collective reason for being.  Ikigai Workshops supports manager effectiveness by providing a unique framework that improves communication, deepens relationships, and establishes psychological safety and belonging.


A transformative experience that takes great teams to the next level

Ikigai Retreat delivers a unique, curated experience that immerses participants in the beauty and wonder of the Pacific Northwest with a dynamic combination of science-based solutions, nature-based experiences, and the ancient wisdom tradition of ikigai.

Four key pillars provide an unparalleled experience:

  • Ikigai Roadmap Design.
  • Strengths-Based Team Development
  • Ikigai Resilience Tool Kit, including emotional intelligence and mindfulness solutions.
  • Nature-based Service Learning Experience.

Ikigai Retreat options range from a one-day offsite to three-day experiences. Two-month lead time required to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.