The 100-Year Journey to Ikigai

IKIGAI is a Japanese term with no English translation but can be interpreted as “your purpose.” The concept has been credited as a key factor in longevity, creativity, happiness, fulfillment, and overall health. At a pivotal moment in the entrepreneurial journey, Sam found ikigai in his Great-Grandmother's story that saved a family in two countries at war, while preserving the legacy of a 1200-year old Shinto shrine. Her courage and legacy embody the true spirit of ikigai and serves as a framework to live with more intention.

GROWTH redefined. Finding the Meaning Behind the Money. 

The word "growth" is found everywhere in the financial services industry but narrowly defined by money. Over a 20-year corporate career, Sam coached thousands of global financial advisors and eventually identified a purpose-deficit on both a professional and personal level. That insight inspired a movement toward living with greater intention. You'll learn simple, yet impactful tools rooted in positive psychology and the Japanese philosophy of IKIGAI that will challenge you to redefine your personal definition of "growth" 

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