The 100-Year Journey to Ikigai

IKIGAI is a Japanese term with no English translation, but can be interpreted as “your purpose” or “your reason for being.” The concept has been credited as a key factor in longevity and is believed to reduce stress, increase happiness, and provide more fulfillment in life. Everyone has ikigai, but too often the chaos of life leaves little time to take inventory and live with intention.  A timely, 100-year old family story inspired Sam to focus on empowering  people to discover and live their ikigai. You’ll uncover actionable insights and a simple framework for better alignment between your actions and priorities.   

GROWTH redefined. Finding the meaning behind the money.

Sam spent 20 years in the corporate world of financial services engulfed in a narrow, wealth focused definition of “growth.” Creative confidence and a new mindset provided the catalyst to embrace a deeper, more holistic version of this often misplaced industry term. Learn how to unlock the tools to become a better professional, a better leader, and even a better version of your current self by challenging convention and expanding on your definition of “growth.”


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