Ikigai, a Japanese concept that can be interpreted as “your reason for being,” has  been scientifically linked to longevity, creativity, productivity, and joy.

Nearly two-thirds of US-based employees report that COVID-19 has caused them to reflect on their purpose in life, according to McKinsey.  This program provides the tools to discover your ikigai and create a roadmap of intentionality for professional and personal growth.

Three meeting program to design your Ikigai Roadmap for clarity, purpose and intentionality.  

Meeting 1: FOUNDATION. 2-hour session that will establish a baseline of your core values, themes of talent, and personal/professional strengths.  

Meeting 2: DESIGN. 90-minute session to develop S.M.A.R.T. goals to implement across six-dimensions of well-being.

Meeting 3: IMPLEMENT. 90-minute session to establish positive habit formation for resilience and sustainability. 


  • 1:1 sessions are conducted via Zoom and scheduled approximately 2-3 weeks apart according to availability.
  • Throughout the program engagement, participant will have a dedicated Slack channel for direct correspondence with Sam.
  • $1,799.00 program fee includes all program materials, including CliftonStrengths Top 34 Assessment and Ikigai Lab Values Discovery.