Elevating Leaders, Amplifying Purpose.

The Ikigai Knowledge Institute (IKI) is a membership network connecting purpose-driven leaders and supporting their efforts to lead positive impact.

IKI Mission

Unite purpose-driven leaders in a collaborative network to catalyze positive impact and support the cultivation of each member’s ikigai.


We believe in the power of purpose as the driving force behind transformative leadership, guiding our actions and decisions towards positive impact.


We thrive on a culture of collaboration, fostering connections that transcend organizational boundaries to amplify the collective impact of our community.

Servant Leadership

We maintain the highest ethical standards, recognizing the interdependence of business success and our commitment to social and environmental stewardship.


We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community that values the unique perspectives and contributions of every member.


We foster a dual permission framework. Individuals are urged to grant themselves the freedom to explore, nurturing personal growth. Concurrently, we honor others’ autonomy, enabling them to share at their own rhythm, fostering a culture of shared empowerment and collaboration.


We champion innovative thinking and adaptive strategies, recognizing that true progress is achieved through continuous exploration and creative problem-solving.

Get instant access to a vetted community of purpose-driven peers who understand your challenges and share your desire to lead positive change.

Leadership Moai

Purpose-driven cohorts are designed to mirror the principles of Okinawa’s Moai tradition, a social construct linked to happiness, resilience, and longevity. The moai thrives on shared purpose, mutual support, and a commitment to making a meaningful difference. Each IKI Moai cohorts consist of eight peers, meet on a regular cadence, and are reset every calendar year.   

Growth Experiences

Access exclusive resources, workshops, and events designed to enhance leadership skills and support the ikigai journey for personal and professional growth. Live and On-Demand resources led by academics, thought leaders, and experts from a wide range of fields, including behavioral psychology, economics, diversity, personal finance, and more.


Showcase your commitment to purpose-driven leadership, gaining recognition within a community that values and celebrates your contributions.  Inspire others to engage in a more meaningful commitment to purpose by expanding the reach of your ikigai efforts.


Gain insights into innovative concepts for leading with purpose and making a positive impact across a wide range of industries. Stay abreast of the latest trends, research, and strategies related to purpose-driven leadership.


Digital platform supports a vibrant, connected, and supportive community dedicated to amplify the power of purpose. 

Ikigai Summit 2024

A unique, in-person experience will be offered to all members of the IKI community at the Ikigai Summit 2024.

Theresita Richard

Chief People Officer


Dr. Tim Lomas

Psychology Research Scientist

Human Flourishing Program,

Harvard University

Aki Ohashi

Vice President

Evolution VC

Ali Benter

Senior Product Designer


Bre Blaney

Vice President

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Julie Zhang



Ryan Wolf

Wellbeing Lead


Tara Hastings

Director of DEI


Tim Bristow

President of Operations


Toussaint Bailey


Uplifting Capital

IKI Membership Criteria

IKI is designed for leaders who are driven by purpose and hold substantial responsibilities within their organizations. Applicants undergo a thoughtful evaluation process to ensure that IKI members receive authentic peer support from like-minded, purpose-driven individuals.

Membership criteria takes into account various factors, such as seniority, title, personal mission, and professional journey. While years of experience are considered, emphasis is placed on the current role and the commitment to making a positive impact, irrespective of the professional tenure.

The aim is to create a diverse and inclusive community where individuals committed to purpose-driven leadership can connect and support each other. 

Why should organizations invest in an IKI membership for their purpose-driven leaders?

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Tailored curriculum addresses key leadership competencies, fostering a holistic approach to professional growth. Valuable insights into effective communication, strategic decision-making, and adaptive leadership strategies support leadership growth. 

WORK | LIFE.   Balance and harmony supports stress regulation, minimizes burnout, and enhances strategic decision-making ability.

RETENTION. Reduce turnover by demonstrating a commitment to leader’s personal well-being and mental health.

BEST PRACTICES. Access to a diverse network of leaders across various industries provides insights into organizational culture, leadership skill building, and innovation ideation.

RECOGNITION. Demonstration of support for organization-wide initiatives to link individual purpose to organizational purpose.

IKI Process 


We review every application and
reach out to candidates who meet IKI
membership criteria for an interview.

Optional Interview

All qualified applicants
complete an interview, where
we evaluate experience and dedication to purpose-driven impact.


Applications are approved by
IKI Membership Team and onboarding process begins, including access to digital community and moai introductions. 


What does IKI mean?

IKI is an acronym for “Ikigai Knowledge Institute.”  In addition, “Iki” translates into “life” in Japanese and serves as the first word in the derivative, iki-gai, interpreted as one’s reason for being. 

What is a "moai?"

In Okinawa, a “moai” refers to a social support group or a community of individuals who come together for a common purpose, such as mutual assistance, friendship, or shared interests. These groups have been linked to longevity and associated with well-being and a sense of community.  

Within the IKI network, moais provide a cohort-based framework designed to support the development and growth for each participant. 


How often does the moai meet?

Moais connect bi-monthly for a 75-minute facilitated meeting. Participation in these meetings supports peer connection, leadership development, and shared efforts to drive meaningful impact.

What is the IKI onboard process?

The IKI onboard process is an in-person event in Seattle, Washington.*  The one-day event kickstarts the IKI membership experience and provides an important foundation for moai relationships.  IKI Onboard event will be hosted in the South Lake Union area.  Travel and lodging are not provided; however, Ikigai Lab will provide recommendations upon request. 

*Spring 2024 onboard is a virtual onboard session. 


What are "Growth Experiences?"

Growth Experiences are opportunities to connect with IKI members outside of the core Moai.  These experiences range from single events to facilitated series.  Topics include human flourishing, purpose at work, cross-cultural well-being, ikigai economics, and personal/professional development.

What is the membership fee?

2024 IKI annual membership fee is $1,950.  Membership fees are reviewed and renewed on an annual basis.

50% discount on all applications prior to April 5th deadline: $975 for Year 1.  Membership fee defaults to standard fee in 2025 upon renewal.  

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $500 application fee.  Upon acceptance, application fee is applied to first year membership.

Remaining balance is due one week prior to Onboard Meeting.

If membership is not accepted, the $500 application fee is refunded.

What is IKI's non-solicitation policy?

Acknowledging the influential role a robust network plays in fostering business connections among our purpose-driven leaders, we actively promote this interaction within our community. Yet, it remains paramount that IKI sustains its reputation as a trusted community for our members. Adhering to a stringent non-solicitation policy, we strictly prohibit proactive sales or marketing endeavors within the IKI community solely aimed at driving future business. Our commitment lies in maintaining a space where professional relationships thrive organically, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of our community.

Is IKI relevant for executive coaches and independent consultants?

Recognizing the paramount importance of fostering a supportive community for purpose-driven leaders across various career stages, IKI membership is strategically tailored to cater to individuals in leadership positions, particularly, but not exclusively, within the corporate domain.

While those in leadership often find themselves mentoring others, there is a noticeable gap in the support they receive for their own professional needs. Our objective is not to foster exclusion but to deliberately nurture a trustworthy community of peers.  As IKI evolves, we will continue to review the potential to expand membership to include executive coaches and independent consultants.  

What happens if I'm not accepted to IKI?

The IKI membership experience is crafted for those holding leadership roles within their organizations. We thoroughly evaluate applicants to ensure a shared level of seniority and purpose-driven impact, facilitating meaningful connections among true peers. If you don’t currently meet our membership criteria, it’s not a flat-out rejection but rather a “not yet.” We look forward to extending an invitation as career impact progresses or, as we extend IKI’s reach to serve a more diverse range of purpose-driven leaders across the professional landscape.

When is the Spring 2024 kickoff meeting?

April 19, 2024

12pm – 2pm Pacific Time.

Spring 2024 Members will receive Kickoff Session details upon confirmation.

How are Moais assembled?

The application process provides insights into each participant’s purpose-driven journey and interest-level on various topics.  We leverage these insights to form a cohesive moai with a goal of fostering connection, collaboration, and belonging.  

Can I change Moais?

Inclusivity and Collaboration are core values of the IKI membership network that underpin an experience rooted in mutual respect.  We are resolute in encouraging Moais to stay intact throughout the agreed upon timeframe of a calendar year, but will review participant transition to a different moai in extraordinary instances. 

What if I have more questions?

No problem!  Please email info@ikigailab.co