Erin Mursch, Founder of Organized for Good

Sam talks with Erin Mursch about her journey to become the first KonMarie Certified Consultant in Texas and the experience of participating in the first global cohort to learn directly from Marie Kondo.  Erin shares insights into her work that does much more than tidying one's home, she provides a tangible framework for self-discovery one item at a time. 

In this episode, Erin shares candid insights about: 

  • The KonMarie process. Erin provides accountability and support to help people lead transformation. 
  • Mind shift.  Rather than thinking about organization as MORE storage products, take a closer look at what's causing clutter. 
  • Spain x 2.  Learning about life and people through the lens of living in Spain on two separate occasions. 
  • Physical Medium. Clutter can be stressful, but the emotional attachment to items often carry more stress. 
  • Identity.  People tend to identify "things" as a reflection of their identity. 
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