Summer is officially gone.

The grip of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSLto you hipsters) is simply too strong for Summer to withstand.   People want that pumpkin spice latte, people need that pumpkin spice latte.   Who’s going to make that pumpkin spice latte, you Lt. Weinberg?

The Autumnal Equinox officially begins at 1:02p PST/4:02 EST on Friday September 22nd.  Unlike New Years’ Eve that ripples across the globe creating the new year experience at different times according to location, the equinox happens at the exact same time everywhere in the world.

The simultaneous nature of the equinox allows everyone on the planet to transition collectively.  People in the Northern Hemisphere transition into Fall and people in the Southern Hemisphere transition into Spring.  If you want to fast-forward through winter, just hop a plane headed south of the equator where the flowers are starting to bloom.

The beauty of the equinox is the astronomical window of accuracy provided at sunrise and sunset.  On Friday, September 22nd, if you note the point on the horizon where the sun rises, then you’ve located Due East and when you note the point on the horizon where the sun sets, you’ve located Due West.   This day provides a moment of clarity and precision everywhere on the planet except for the North Pole and South Pole (apologies to Mr. and Mrs. Claus).

Clarity and precision.  

The fall provides an ideal opportunity for reflection, planning, and strategic positioning.    Upheaval is occurring within financial advice and the next three years will be unlike any three years in the industry’s history.   It’s time to find clarity and precision amidst the chaos.

Do you yearn for transparency and accuracy in your business?   Maybe you’re unnecessarily operating on hunches when data, information, and insight is readily available.   Or perhaps your gut is telling you that you need to make adjustments, but you can’t find the right spark to lead change.

Official launch of GvG17

I’m symbolically launching on the Autumnal Equinox to help advisory teams discover the clarity and precision that this day represents. will provide “free consulting to advisory firms with one string attached.”

The goal of GvG17 is to provide strategic business guidance to advisory firms while serving as an experimental lab to capture the pulse of the advisory industry.   These insights will inform the development of a unique Growth Experience for a select group of advisory firms…hence, the “one string attached.”  In addition, I’m partnering with Seattle Children’s Hospital and asking that consulting participants donate to this incredible organization.

Any advisor can schedule time.  Any advisory topic is fair game.

So, grab a PSL, take a moment to reflect on your business, and click here to set up a call.    Or book a flight to Rio if you’re dreading winter.  Thanks for stopping by



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